March 23, 2019

Lagos fuel fire ignites panic in Apapa, Mile 2, Kirikiri (SUN)

Friday, June 29, 2018. It was the morning after the mayhem, the day after sheer hell poured down on Lagos in copious quantities. The gridlock on the Otedola Bridge axis of the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway – the scene of carnage and source of the unimaginable traffic chaos that paralysed many parts of Lagos the previous night – had thinned out. The flames and the clouds of thick, dark smoke had evaporated, though the ashes and black soot remained – a constant reminder to passersby of the nerve-wracking horrors of the preceding night. On both sides of the expressway, traffic now flowed fluidly, albeit slowly, as motorists and commuters cast sad glances at the carcasses of vehicles haphazardly relocated from the main road to the right side of the expressway. Emergency workers were back at the scene with their equipment, hauling whatever remained of the razed vehicles away from the road. A few dozen individuals perambulated around the area, seeking information on their missing relatives and friends. Read more

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