March 25, 2019

Lagos Seeks Compliance With Wastewater Management

Lagos Seeks Compliance With Wastewater Management

The Lagos State Government, through the Office of Waste Water Management, has restated the need for residents of the State to fully comply with the appropriate wastewater management policy considering its inherent benefit to the health and wellbeing of all and the immediate environment.

According to a statement issued today by the Office, it has commenced a public awareness campaign to nooks and crannies of the State to sensitize members of the public on the correct method for the disposal and management of waste water.

The statement noted that, the objective of the periodic sensitization campaign is to inculcate the suitable waste water management behavior in the minds of Lagosians, as well as, alert residents on its environmental impact and health implications.

It identified reduced health cost, environmental preservation and sustainability and improved health as some of the benefits of proper waste water management.

It insists that it is the responsibility of home owners to maintain septic tanks and wastewater from the bathroom, the urinal, kitchen, toilet and laundry, adding that, such used water should be channeled into septic tank and not discharged into public drains.

It is also unlawful to construct any make shift structure on the public drain for use as toilet. Properties such as storey buildings of four floors and above, estates, offices or other commercial premises housing more than 50 persons should not use septic tanks but instead provide a private packaged waste water treatment plant which require a sewage clearance approval from the State Government, it added.

The statement concluded that home owners, professional bodies, Community Development Associations (CDAs) and the entire residents of the State are enjoined to adhere to required minimum distance between septic tank erection and point of abstracting groundwater which should be 15 meters, stressing that building structures on septic tanks contravene standards.


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