March 23, 2019

Lagos traffic and LASTMA (The Nation)

Lagos traffic and LASTMA (The Nation)

Many motorists believed that the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA), despite perceived hitches, have changed the narratives on Lagos roads.

With over three million cars and 100,000 commercial vehicles on the roads, (when the national average is 11 vehicles per kilometre), Lagos records an average of 227 vehicles per kilometre daily.

The above figure is compounded by the United Nations’ data that 86 people enter Lagos every hour.

According to the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC), out of 10.6 million vehicles registered in the country in 2016, over three million are in Lagos, plying 9,100 roads. This huge vehicular presence is further complicated by the unregulated activities of over 200,000 minibuses, thousands of commercial motorcycles and tricycles, coupled with an influx of over 10, 000 people daily to Lagos for various reasons.

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