March 27, 2019

Lagosians, please, repent this year! – Ella Temisan

Lagosians, please, repent this year! – Ella Temisan

My good people, it is a New Year and I know we are all filled with renewed hope, strength and optimism for the year ahead.

That is the thing with time; I mean, the concept of starting all over again, of moving forward and new beginnings, when, actually, we are in a loop; but then, it is always a good feeling to start afresh.

But just as we have set out our individual goals and aspirations to make our lives better, how about we let go some of the things we were known for, especially those of us who live and work in this Lagos?

How about we repent and turn a new leaf? How about we do have a change of heart and do the same for our Lagos? How about we set for ourselves the task of making living in Lagos better for all of us?

So to put us in the mood, here are some things we can all do to make Lagos better in 2019 and I am sure if we follow these things religiously, we will be the better for it.

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Here we go:

1. Stop littering

Yes, I am shouting this loud for you all to hear. Lagosians, please stop littering our state. And by this, I mean you should stop dumping plastic bottles, gala wraps, sweet wrappers, groundnut shells and other stuff on the roads.

I don’t know why you people are eating along the road in the first place but if you have to, can you kindly fold the wrappers of whatever you ate in your bag or hold onto them until you find a refuse bin? Stop littering our roads, biko.

2. Flooding

I know people have built houses and shops on the canals and water channels in Lagos (though this has always been a serious cause for concern) but we do more to contribute to the flooding of Lagos when we dump these plastic bottles, takeaway packs, and other items along the roads.

That rubbish usually end up in the few gutters we have and we all know the results of such actions. A little rain in Lagos usually leads to flooding because the water will not have its way and as such, we always live in perilous times when these happen.

3. Driving like mad people

Yes, I have often heard people say that driving in Lagos is a real test. And I can attest to the fact that you have to be super human to drive in Lagos.

Sometimes, all you want to do is get down and strangle some people when you see them drive like mad people. In fact, mad driving in Lagos is not restricting to men alone as one can see some women becoming maniacs behind the wheels.

I really think people who drive in Lagos need to be tested by psychiatrists. I don’t understand how we disobey the very obvious traffic rules right in front of traffic wardens/LASTMA officers.

Please, you people should have a change of heart this year o.

4. Voting

You know one thing that can destroy all our plans and dreams? It has to be bad governance. On the bright side of this is that we are in an election year and I like to think we have a chance to vote someone who will actually care about the things that keep the common Lagosians awake at night.

It is not by pasting campaign posters on every surface in Lagos o, we should ask questions.

When they say they will fix things, we should ask ‘how’ they intend to do these things. Let us not vote because of party affiliations, or religion, or tribe, or my ‘father’s-uncle’s-brother’s-son’.

Remember that Lagos was listed as the worst city to live in last year, so if you want a change from that, you better vote wisely.

5. Mind your business

If there is one thing Lagosians cannot do is minding their businesses. But do you know that if you work hard at minding your business, your skin will glow and you will be healthy?

Try it this year and let your hashtag be #mindyourbusiness2019

6. Saying ‘I don’t know’

Ah, Lagosians can never admit they don’t know something especially when people ask for directions. Please, this is a New Year, and you people should repent and admit when you don’t know something.

If someone asks you for directions and you don’t know the place, learn to say “I don’t know.” This can save the person so much stress and discomfort.

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7. Leave gay people alone

Yes, I want to sincerely appeal to you to leave gay people alone. Some of you want to quote the Bible now but did God send you to kill them or hate them or send them death threats?

No. He said you should love your neighbour as you love yourself, and love is the greatest commandment of all, so you have to practice that love this 2019.

On that note, I plead again: leave gay people alone!

That is all from me (for now). You can add your suggestions in the comments section, thanks.


Happy New year!


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Isaac Dachen is the Editor-In-Chief at Sabinews. He is a graduate of English and Public Relations. A social critic and political analyst, he is also a big, big Arsenal fan.
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