Lagosians zip up! (Vanguard)

Lagosians zip up! (Vanguard)

“Leave me alone o, don’t kill me this woman! Are you not concerned about the three girls God has given us already? Are those not children? What do you want to do with more? Are you going to sell them? Can’t you feel the harshness of life in Nigeria today? It is enough please.” These were the angry words of Joseph Okagbaro as he and his wife, Jolaade, engaged in a heated argument. “What is enough? It is not enough.  Am I complaining? Tomorrow, your mother will say I did not give birth to a baby boy and that your family name will be lost.  I am not yet done with childbearing,” Jolaade fired back. This scenario is commonplace in many Nigerian homes. Many families are unable to pay for quality healthcare, provide three square meals, comfortable home and sound education for their children. It is not unconnected with the economic challenges the nation is facing.   Many parents are out of job while those in business cannot make ends meet. Read more

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