Lara George: My husband is my biggest fan and inspiration (Nation)

Lara George: My husband is my biggest fan and inspiration (Nation)

What would you say is the secret of your towering career?

I honestly don’t feel successful yet. What has brought me far is God; to be faithful in little so that when it is the bigger, I can do better. Be true to yourself and stay focused. In music, you cannot be truly successful if you are not your own person.

Share with us the commercial success of your albums. Which is your favourite?

Dasanki is my most mature work. I grew in that album and still one of the albums I sit and listen to.

Two of my favourites are Ijoba-Orun and Dansaki; where did you get inspiration for these songs?

My songs are personal experiences. When I did Dansaki, I was reflecting on all what God had done. It is not a small feat to be in the industry for more than 15 years as a woman who is married with kids; it is not easy to still be in the industry. Read more

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