Larry the snail wins World Snail Racing Championships (NYPost)

Larry the snail wins World Snail Racing Championships (NYPost)

A humble garden snail has proved slow and steady wins the race — at this year’s World Snail Racing Championships in Congham, England.

Larry the snail beat his sluggish competitors to the finish line by covering the 13-inch course in just two minutes and forty seven seconds.

He pipped 134 other mollusks to the post but was just short of the two-minute world record held by snail Archie since 1996.

But Larry’s achievement was beginner’s luck after he entered the race for the first time having been found in 41-year-old Tara Beasley’s garden the night before the event.

The World Snail Racing Championships has been held for 50 years in Congham, England.

Hilary Scase, 84, who helps run the annual championships, said: “It was quite a slow time.

“It was a bit windy and snails don’t like wind, so all times were quite slow.

“Tara has taken Larry home and she has treated him to some grapes.

“She thinks that he managed to win because when she got him out of the garden she sat him on cucumber and she thought that was a good diet.

“She was quite overwhelmed when her snail won. She has never been in a snail race before.

“She is now going to keep him for a bit to spoil him.” Read more

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