Let’s stop playing politics with this Fulani herdsmen wahala – Onyema Dike

Let’s stop playing politics with this Fulani herdsmen wahala – Onyema Dike

Four days ago, after staging.sabinews.com published Viola Okolie’s  piece: “#boycott beef and say enough to fulani herdsmen” on Fulani herdsmen and their continuing terror attacks on communities, sabinews was inundated with emails and comments most of them negative.

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We were accused of fanning the embers of rancour but two stories published today in The Punch, page 8 and Thisday, page 8 call attention to the menace in various ways.

In the Punch story, the Inspector General of Police, Solomon Arase queried news reports alleging that over 300 People were killed in Agatu one of the worst  scenes of Fulani carnage.

punch Capture

According to Arase “I was around. I travelled to Benue state. I did not see where 300 People were buried…we don’t have that number of people.”

Arase’s comments are cause for concern because the Agatu carnage was precipitated by claims by Fulani herdsmen that 10,000 herds of cattle were killed.

thisday Capture_NTEL036_1

Now the question to ask is: did IG of Police Solomon Arase see 10,000 dead cows during his visit? If Agatu people killed 10,000 cows where did they bury the cows or did they eat and/or sell 10,000 cows overnight?

In the Thisday report, retired army General and former Senate president David Mark while on a visit to the Agatu area was attacked by Fulani herdsmen. His security operatives saved the day.

thisday Capture_NTEL036_1

Now the Thisday story has taken the issue From the realm of hearsay into fact. David Mark is not some unknown villager. An attack on Mark is not hearsay.

What that attack says eloquently is that no one is safe from these Fulani brigands. Just under two months ago, the traditional Ruler of Ubulu-uku in Delta state was killed by Fulani herdsmen and if David Mark did not have a strong force with him the caption would have been markedly different – Former Senate President Killed by Fulani Herdsmen.

Is that what we are waiting for?

Buhari has apologised for the dismal power situation. Maybe time has come for him to address the Fulani issue because it seems as if we have another Boko Haram on our hands.

And somebody please tell the IG that one human being killed is one dead person too many.






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