May 24, 2018

Let’s work together to transform education- Adetola Salau

Let’s work together to transform education- Adetola Salau


I view myself as a technologically savvy educator, one with myriad of experiences in the educational sector from primary education to tertiary education. I have devoted myself to bringing students into the 21st century and getting them future ready.

I began teaching in 2001, right after September 11th, 2001 as a middle school math teacher in New York City, in the Bronx Borough. I was already excited about the possibilities of technology in the classroom, I quickly discovered that having my English-language learners use the school’s interactive whiteboard to produce videos of their work helped deepen their understanding of math concepts and improve their grasp of key terminology. I also enjoyed teaching mathematics with graphing calculators, carrying out various simulations for different projects which depicted diverse topics.

I began to experiment with video tools and interactive platforms on my own. As I gained experience as a teacher and instructional leader, I began to advocate giving students greater access to digital devices and programs as a means of “creating to learn.” I knew that technology would spark students’ intellectual curiosity and “give them a window” to resources and skills beyond the classroom.

On my own, I have been writing books about this as well as articles which have been published online and offline.

I am a sought-after speaker on this issue as I am zealous about it.

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Among the major themes of my writing and speaking: addressing  the deficiencies in our educational system, inequities in digital access for our students, boosting school community members—including teachers, students, and administrators— in conversations around education technology.

The progress of digitally driven instructional change has been slow in Nigeria; we need to get teachers, curriculum directors, students on board with educational technology.

I am working on getting opportunities to put some of my principles into broader practice. Focusing upon digital learning in our schools, creating momentum around innovation in the classroom and connecting our students to the global community.

One major objective is to institute an educational initiative supported by Foundation grants and eventually policy directives (supported by policy makers) that will ramp our digital instruction by introducing new ideas and gaming in education in schools. Constantly stress targeted professional development for our teachers. I aim to have seminars addressing these issues continually and set up “future readiness” camps for our students next year.

I am constantly networking to meet our stakeholders about working on our rethinking the technology infrastructure and learning objectives we have in place currently. I have put together packages of teacher instructional-technology ideas, and am working closely with students across all spheres in our society to get a sense of their foundational digital skills and access to technology, both in school and at home.

My purpose is to transform the educational system in Nigeria and Africa as a whole, especially in regards to STEM education, making education more relevant and future ready for students and equipping teachers to empower students’ learning. I am dedicating my life to working with educators, parents, students and everyone else to bring about this transformation which would enable innovation to become part and parcel of our lives in Nigeria and Africa in general.


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