May 24, 2018

Letter to TB Joshua: God don catch you – Toni Kan’t

Letter to TB Joshua: God don catch you – Toni Kan’t

Dear Temitope,

(abeg forget that TB thing, we sabi you reach house)

This letter is just to tell you something that will help you going forward.

Not every time prophesy, ehn? Sometimes just go to a quiet place and pray like Bros Jay inside Bible. Maybe when you finish praying you can see better.

What kind of falling hand is this na. Even monkey come and get prophetic skills more than you. What fuc–ry is that?

Me, I have been saying it that this your gift of prophecy get k-leg. I mean you see the future, you see the future but you could not even see that your church will fall down yakata.


Mehn, you don dey do us local for Lagos for a long time but na so America dey watch you. For once I agree with Goodluck Jonathan. You remember when he said America must know? America knew you were turning us to Mugu so they set you up.

Now see ya sef. That hustle don end.

Bros, you need to find another hustle and I can help o. Since you can see the future why don’t you go for “Who wants to be a millionaire?” Yes na, before Frank Edoho asks the question you will know the answer.

Temitope, God don catch you.


Sincerely yours


Former Mugus.

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