“It don’t matter if I’m black or white “- Michael Jackson

Denrele Edun has been on my mind, lately. I love the guy, no shame about that. He reminds me of another love I nursed for years; Michael Jackson. Who didn’t love him? Michael has been dead five years now and I still can’t stop loving him nor referring to him in the present.

denrele5 light skin

His music is here, with us, in my car, every day. I’m not sure what I love most about Michael Jackson; his dance, that moonwalk has never been replicated; his videos , pure magic; his well waxed brows, thin lips, girly voice and that lean waist, I fantasized about being his love interest for years. Tell me, what makes a man so effeminate, an object of sexual attraction?

Then there’s Prince, ha!  You remember him; the diminutive American singer of Purple rain. He was said to have an instrument so huge girls just…fainted. Don’t ask me where I heard that from. It was the gist in our days, growing up. Prince had a lot of charm, I don’t know if he still does but back in the day, he was the smallish, light skinned, pencil-eye-browed with girly voice that made many girls, sorry doves, cry with pleasure.

I got thinking about them when my 12year old daughter looked up from a Michael Jackson video and asked:, ‘Mum, how come Michael Jackson turned from a Blackman into a white woman?”

How indeed!

But move over Michael, I just laid my weary eyes on Denrele Edun.  This one too has the attention of all the girls. Why do we all love to strike poses with him on the red carpet, could it be because we feel safe with him, abi?

Denrele unlike our sensitive Michael Jackson, who bore our harsh and often malicious criticisms by sinking deep into depression, couldn’t care less. He seems to have grown a thick skin as he moved from brown to white.

A couple of days ago, Denrele Edun’s selfie raised some dust on Face Book (not that that is anything new).  The selfie showed, at first glance, a flat chested, light skinned lovely young woman in her bathroom.  A second and harder look showed that the light skinned, lovely young woman was actually a light skinned, young man-Denrele Edun!

Denrele bathroom

He took the picture in solidarity with women on World Breast Cancer Day. Are you still wondering why women love this guy?

Typical of all things Denrele, cyberspace erupted.  He was called names, as usual and as is typical, he ignored all the name callings. E no just send!

But Denrele has always been a precocious child and in this part of the world, we don’t take kindly to ‘I too know’ children, we like them quiet and they must speak only when spoken to. But not our Denrele.

Denrele has never been able to keep his  sharp tongue in check right from when he was 11years old and auditioned for the once popular children’s tv show, Kidi Vision 101. He was so loud he got the role and boy, he hasn’t stopped talking since then in his many incarnations as a model, TV presenter, compere and currently VJ for Channel O.

Denrele isn’t helping us here. His insistence at being crazy drives us nuts!

He grew his hair long;  we looked and shrugged.denrele wild hair

He began to wax his brows; we stared and were mystified.denrele mascara

He coloured his long locks; we stared some more and began to avoid locking eyes with him.

Then he wore those crazy clothes with a thousand buttons; we wagged our fingers and said, ‘of a truth, this boy is mad’.denrele2

The question is; why can’t he just be a regular Joe? Yeah, keep your long locks, if you want, bleach your skin dry if you must but what is it with those outrageous heels, those sculpted brows, those long and mascaraed lashes?

Denrele, how did you morph  from a dark skinned guy into a light skinned girl, like Michael Jackson?

derele-from bella naija


Photo at bottom courtesy Bella Naija.

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  1. Mama

    He is not regular ple should deal with it…..hating and always insulting is so tiring dont know why ple keep repeating the same insults……I like him period…..


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