March 20, 2019

Linda Ikeji: Kemi Olunloyo Ends Feud with Blogger After 13 years

Linda Ikeji: Kemi Olunloyo Ends Feud with Blogger After 13 years

Controversial Nigerian blogger and media personality Kemi Olunloyo took to her Instagram account earlier today to claim that she has finally forgiven archrival Linda Ikeji after 13 years.

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According to Kemi, she mentioned that Linda slept with her sister’s fiancé few days prior to their wedding ceremony. This caused a bitter feud between these women after the wedding was unfortunately called off, Linda never attested to the allegation but Kemi held on to it and it’s her pinned tweet on her Twitter account.

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In recent months, Kemi has also claimed that Linda’s surrogate baby Jayce does not belong to Sholaye Jeremy, according to her it is an opportunity to pin the child on the business mogul. Kemi does not hide her animosity towards Linda and she has revealed it overtime, nonetheless she is renowned to be an internet loudmouth.

Earlier today, Kemi Olunloyo took to her Instagram account and decided to announce that she had forgiven Linda Ikeji after 13 years. See the comments she shared:


#BREAKING Today 11/10/18, I’m officially gonna forgive Linda Ikeji for DESTROYING my brand with a 2013 fake story about guns in my house. I lost deals with Etisalat, Food companies, endorsement deals. The tweets are on Twitter @hnnafrica. She laughed it out sarcastically. She’s had enough KARMA. Linda exposed people for so long. We should not destroy others for the love of web traffic, look down on single moms and demean people’s children in the name of social media. Linda stay blessed. I mean it. God will give you peace. I endorse your App too. Stay strong! 

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