Linda Ikeji’s house and husband wahala – Viola Okolie

Linda Ikeji’s house and husband wahala – Viola Okolie

News Bite:

Linda Ikeji acquires property valued at N450m in Banana Island.

Reactions from “Concerned Nigerians”:

1. As a married woman or as a single woman?
2. So who will marry her now that she has bought a N450m house?
3. Instead of her to go and marry, she is buying a house.
4. Assuming she marries tomorrow, where will they live? In her house or in her husband’s house?

Linda Ikeji HouseResponse from Linda Ikeji:

Now where did y’all hear my house cost N450m? It actually cost over N500m.

Lol. All I can say to that is “zing”!!!

One time “many moons ago”, one of my team mates at work fell off a commercial motorbike and fractured a leg bone. Predictably, she spent a few days in the hospital and then a few weeks afterwards hobbling around with a cast on her leg and crutches.

[Single mothers cannot make heaven o – Viola Okolie]

When I first heard about the accident, I was like “motorbike ke? whatever on earth for? does she not own a car?”

And the response I got, not from her but from other “concerned citizens of Africa”, was that in their honest and candid opinion, since the lady in question was single, she did not need to own a car in order not to “scare away potential ozbands”!

Wow. I took a closer look and then discovered that she was not the only carless single lady in that office – they all were.

Linda Ikeji

Ozband things I presume. War meeting was convened ASAP.

Like I explained to the young ladies, you work hard and get paid hard – we were in an industry where you knew exactly how much the next person was earning, even down to the last kobo on bonuses – why work that hard and then deny yourself the few comforts of life in order not to scare away someone whom you have not yet met and who probably is not aware you exist?

Million dollar question to the one who had fractured her leg: what if you had lost the leg entirely? Or your life? Because you refused to buy a car? because of potential ozband?

[Abuja marriage is one kain marriage – Viola Okolie]

A young man starting off in life will begin to acquire the necessities of life and then move on to the comforts as soon as he can afford them. He does not spare a thought for the opinions of the women folk around him matter of fact, the only opinions he seeks are on “upgrade matters”.

“Make I buy this 2015 Range abi make I buy the 2017 model?”


And the more they acquire, the more attractive they appear to the women folk especially. They don’t scare away, they flock round like flies around a honey pot.

Which is a good thing – trust me!

So, why should a lady pause her life and acquisitions in order not to scare away the men looking for “wife material”?

Question: What if that husband material man is long in coming? What do you do with the money you could have spent on making your life more comfortable? Do you hand it over to your husband when you finally snag one, to prove to him that where he thought he was purchasing ankara, your own wife material is actually abada? Or do you hide it so he does not know the girl he thought he could oppress with his physical possessions might actually be richer than he is?

[Baby, beware of Abuja Big Boys – Viola Okolie]

As in, saving the male ego things?

Listen, the man who is intimidated by who or what a woman is and by whatever level of comfort or luxury she surrounds herself with, is definitely not the man for her. He is playing waaaaaay out of his league and the insecurities he is incubating will come out to play in more sinister ways AFTER the wedding band has been secured.

Consider your equipping yourself with the trappings of life when you can, an elimination test for the non-husband materials in your life. Yes, that is why the “richer” a woman gets, the fewer the men who come bearing just one value proposition to the relationship – their third leg.

It is nature’s own way of pruning down the flotsam and jetsam in her life.

So, dear young green-eyed men who are protesting that Linda seems to have priced herself out of their reach, I doubt you were even a consideration. Don’t worry too much for her though, who knows there might be a Bachelor who also owns a property in Banana Island, and has been looking for that one woman who is not just attracted to him for the luxuries he can bring her way.

The universe has a way of arranging such things, you can stop worrying your head now how many yards Linda’s wife materialship is shorting by.

And for the green-eyed women: no be today women don start to dey hurt each other in their intense jealousy. You try!

Maybe this will be a lesson to you to use social media for something more productive than putting up pictures of your breasts “on fleeeeeeek”, and try to harness it the way Linda has done. After all, last I checked, she does not have a monopoly on blogging.

Oh, and as the money pours in, feel free to rent a decent accommodation. Furnish it to your taste. Buy a car you love and can afford. Do not be afraid to take holidays abroad.

And maybe one day soon, we shall attend your own house warming ceremony in Papaya Islands.

With or without a man by your side.

[Now, let’s talk about the Abuja Big Girl – Viola Okolie]

Oh, and if Linda marries tomorrow, she and her husband are welcome to come and live in my house if inferior complex will disrupt his flow. My daughter and I are volunteering to reluctantly move into her own house and manage to live in it for her. It will be our personal sacrifice and contributions towards restoring world peace and ensuring Linda gets married by force by fire to a man who will not be intimidated by a property in Banana Island.

So, you all can stop worrying now, I gat this!

PS: I hear that in the wake of #BananaIslandGate, everybody and their dog has paused long enough in their Linda beefing to quickly set up a blog. Naija copy cat!!!

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  1. stella


    I bought a Rav4 in 2007 and I heard that a lady I know said I am always trying to prove a point; that why didn’t i just look for one man to buy me the car?

    For the likes of her and the Linda Ikeji beefers, one word: BASTARDO!!!!

  2. Barbara Nzekwe

    Well for those beefing Linda Ikeji, they are lucky. Because if I am that rich,what I will do will make them die over and over again in envy. Husband kor husband nii. Na poverty still dey wahala me.Make I get money now make them come dictate for me how I go take chop am.

  3. Doyin

    As usual, your candid and devil-may-care approach is an uncommon but rich flavor to the potpourri of the Nigerian cauldron of opinions. Firstly, you must understand that Nigeria is a country of young men still living with their parents at age 29. The few ones that make it early enough are the honey-pots that tends to attract opportunists, dreamers and the pure-hearted ladies all at once. Those who’s mother have issued ultimatums to either hook a responsible man or else……..that’s another story for another day. The unusual is what Linda is doing. The common does not make headlines. Only the uncommon, bizarre, strange, extra-ordinary does ! Linda’s feat and I dare say so would be talked about, beefed or praised depending on which side of the Nigerian fence you’re on. For me, I’ll say go for it girl. if you’ve got it, spend it.
    But remember that it’s lonely at the top. Ask many nouveau rich young men. They are often in a dilemma when it comes to choosing a partner due to the paranoia that usually accompanies success. Especially early success. It’s not uncommon too to think that one has to measure up to be worthy. Finding true love when you’re that successful

  4. Walter

    Consider your equipping yourself with the trappings of life when you can, an elimination test for the non-husband materials in your life.’

    Are the women listening? Those that think that the more modest your lifestyle, the finer your wife material. Tsk tsk

  5. Viva Naija

    An aunt once said to me “Who did you ask before you bought a house?? You young girls sha, don’t you know that some things in this life take wisdom?? Well, you’ve bought it, there’s nothing anyone can now do about that. But don’t EVER tell any man that it’s yours o! Even if he should ask you straight, just say you’re renting” I was contemplating asking her what would happen when he later finds I can’t hand in my notice and move….but it was simply easier to ask her to leave my home. Nonsense and strawberry.

  6. Ahmed Adedigba

    Her’s isn’t just a matter of Good luck. Linda worked hard to earn her money!
    A woman like that shouldn’t be in dare need for a man; She’s the type all sane Men should wish for, dearly dearly!

  7. Onyekachi

    I concur. Word of truth. Believe me people cannot just stop talking no matter what you do, it’s the nature of humans. I give Linda credit for her move. If you work hard for the money, why deny yourself the good things of life,?. Everyone is responsible for his or her own happiness

  8. uju

    I wish I have that kind of money, I will buy more than linda. Who says a single lady can not enjoy her sweat? Who told you that Linda ‘ s problem is husband? For crying out loud, linda can buy herself any husband of her choice. And fire him at will if he does not perform. Oh! u think say na only man dey give woman red card? Dey dia na

  9. Tonia

    Only insecure men are afraid of successful women.It was my husband that called to tell me about the house. I don’t understand why marriage is over rated in Naija


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