March 20, 2019

Lion Air Flight Crashes en route From Jakarta

Lion Air Flight Crashes en route From Jakarta


A Lion Air flight reportedly carrying up to 189 passengers has crashed during a short flight from the Indonesian capital Jakarta to Pangkal Pinang, according to Indonesia’s National Search and Rescue Agency

The plane took off at about 6:30 am Monday morning and was only in the air a few minutes according to where the wreck was found. Investigations so far found the crash site 64 km away from the Indonesian airport.

Reports said the crew requested to turn round and return to the airport base before they lost contact with air traffic control. ‘The plane had requested to return to base before finally disappearing from the radar,’ Sindu Rahayu, directorate general of Civil Aviation at the transport ministry, said.

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The Lion Air Flight was a brand-new Boeing 737 MAX 8, part of the 737 Max family that brings the latest technology to the most popular jet aircraft of all time, according to Boeing website. The site also describes the 737 Max family as boasting technological advances plus powerful LEAP-1B engines that help to redefine the future of efficient and environmentally friendly air travel.

Some bodies and personal effects like bags and phones have been found by search and rescue vessels at the aircraft fuselage, so far.

It is still unclear what caused the crash but officials say whatever messages were transmitted in the technologically advanced plane before it’s crash will be studied.

‘We will collect all data from the control tower,’ Soerjanto Tjahjono said. ‘The plane is so modern, it transmits data from the plane and that we will review too. But the most important is the black box.’


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