Losing their heads at The Headies by Toni Kan

Losing their heads at The Headies by Toni Kan

Michael Jackson, The King of Pop, died on June 25, 2009.

On that same day, legendary actress, Farrah Fawcett succumbed to cancer after a long battle. Two days earlier, television personality, Ed McMahon had passed on.

In the days and weeks after June 25th, one would have been forgiven if one had assumed that only one famous person died that week. The news channels and tabloids were filled with stories about Michael Jackson whose death had ended up as controversial as his life. And it was as if Farrah Fawcett had chosen the wrong-est day to die. She and McMahon had as Fela sang, “died wrongfully”.

This thought occupied my mind as news of Olamide and Don Jazzy’s incipient beef filtered out then mushroomed into something ugly and still trending. Their beef and the subsequent twitter and social media frenzy left a casualty in its wake: the talented and beautiful rapper Eva Alordiah and her boyfriend now fiancée, model and OAP, Ceaser who had chosen The Headies to propose.


That singular romantic gesture has been buried under the luridness of the uncomely beef, first between Olamide and The Headies, then Don Jazzy and Olamide and now, the unfortunate co-option of D’Ja’s body parts as collateral damage.

Ceaser must be wishing he had chosen a less contentious stage.

A second casualty is Timi Dakolo, whose subliminally excellent song, “Wish Me Well”, won 3 awards; a fact that seems all but forgotten.

For the benefit of those recently arrived from Mars, The Headies, Nigeria’s answer to the Grammy’s held on January 1, 2016 two days later than the earlier advertised December 30, 2015. That night, Reekado Banks, an artist under Don Jazzy’s label, the Mavins was voted the Next Rated Artist for 2015. The award comes with a brand new car.

The category is usually left open for fans of the nominees to vote and pick the winner and this time they picked Reekado Banks over his stable mate, Koredo Bello, (Korede’s ‘Godwin’ was a 2015 anthem), Cynthia Morgan, Yung Grey C, Lil Kesh and a host of other talented young cats whose stars shone in 2015.

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  1. Otaigbe

    Well, this is really good for the headies and great for the music industry. Competition is all you need for the industry to thrive. Olamide’s crew will see to produce smashing hits and same goes for the Don Jazzy. So I’d look beyond the beef and choose to focus on the benefits to the industry as a whole. For those who thrash the headies: which other award event brings the kind of expectation and controversy? It’s show business baby!

  2. ugochukwu

    Dissing and beefing brings out the best in musicians and the music industry, as long as it doesn’t go bloody. I hope they can keep the competition healthy.


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