Lost but found: The deported – Iboro Tonye-Edet

Lost but found: The deported – Iboro Tonye-Edet

When I read the story abi is it news of the 46 Nigerians deported from the United Kingdom, the first thing that crossed my crazy imaginative mind was a jumbo jet with a black stubby nose, frowning eyebrows and curved thin lips flying in fury; then hovering around the centre of MMIA it opens its fat belly,  spews out 46 people and flies off with a sigh of relief. Me and my crazy cartoon imaginations! God help me.

But seriously this isn’t a laughing matter o! 

To come and crown it all, the government of the United Kingdom plans on deporting a total of 29,000 Nigerians from their country back to Nigeria next year. As it is awon guys and babes still rooted in Nigerian soil are not smiling with the current situation in the country. We cannot even find enough space in the soil to grow well (thanks to some annoying weeds sapping away our resources) and now Her Majesty has decided to compound our issues by ‘returning’ 29,000 Nigerians.

I want to ask o, these people they are returning to us, was it Nigeria that sent them there in the first place? These people probably went in search of a better life in the U.K when the thorns of the then Nigerian economy were not so prickly. How are they going to cope now that the thorns have grown into cactus plants especially with the ‘change’ we are experiencing as a nation?

500 nigerians deported from the uk

Reminds me of the scripture:  “If you have raced with runners and they have worn you out, how can you compete with horses? If you stumble in a peaceful land, what will you do in the thickets of the Jordan?”-Jeremiah 12:5.

If living in the almighty United Kingdom (aka ‘Jand’) they couldn’t survive, as in, they stumbled, how will they manage in the thickets of the current Nigerian situation?

Now to the Nigerian government. There are some issues raised in my opinion don’t make sense:

It is reported that the Nigerian government has frowned at the mass deportation, stating that efforts must be made by the UK government to ensure:

  1. Those being deported are really Nigerians (I agree with them on that),
  2. Medically fit to travel (Oh please! Now we care about their health. Weren’t they living healthy before they were impounded like some stray dogs?)
  3. And have a role to play in the country – meaning they should be able to fit into Nigerian society. (WOL UP! WOL UP! Is it the oyinbo man that will come and start debriefing these guys on how to fit into their own motherland they ‘ran’ away from when things weren’t rosy for them? Things haven’t ‘changed’ too much from when they left. They can fit in easily. After all nobody in Nigeria debriefed them from the Nigerian government on how to ‘fit’ into the English society. They coped there on their own; they can very well cope here too.)
  4. Nigeria expressed concern over UK’s plan to deport 29,000 Nigerians, and has insisted that due process be followed before Nigerians are removed from the UK. (If I may ask, if a child runs away from his parents’ home to his grandparents’ home without the parents or grandparents consent, isn’t it only proper and normal for the grand parents to return the child to his/her parents’ house? Will the parents demand for ‘due process’ to be followed before their child is returned home?)

Anyway, this is my ten kobo suggestion: since the deportees are not denying their nationality, the best the government can do is accept them – you can’t throw the baby with the bath water away. Find a way to rehabilitate them and take up the responsibility of debriefing them to fit into the Nigerian society again. It won’t be easy but we just have to face our problem head-on.

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  1. chinwe Onoh

    HM. I agree with you o.
    This story was as so was to read and understand.
    Meanwhile, Nigeria is in no condition to carry this burden.
    But I think they should do this:
    1. Keep them together for some tome
    2. Run medical checks
    3. Check and document their educational and work backgrounds
    4. Note states of origin
    5. Give them some Orientation of the state of the nation, new development and revenue plans of the government. See if they fit in or have interests in any sector, industrial, agricultural etc.
    6. Listen to their plans,if any. Then release them to their various state governments.
    7. From there, they either get attachments based on background or left to go home for better thinking and planning on how to cope in their mother land

  2. arinze

    Some of these men deported are intellects, the government can actually use them in developing the country. Find out their educational training and give them job. They can bring a lot of ideas to the table in making our country great. I bet UK would only send back the bad eggs.


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