Love your partner and the planet – Ideas for a sustainable Valentine’s Day (Huffpost)

Love your partner and the planet – Ideas for a sustainable Valentine’s Day (Huffpost)

After every year begins, it rolls around all too quickly. The day where you are supposed to present delightful, thoughtful, deeply personal gifts for a special someone in your life. No pressure or anything.

 Valentine’s Day’s place in the calendar as an overly commercialised behemoth also holds an environmental cost, with a portion of gifts and card, however romantically intended, discarded a few days later. So to help you show love to your partner, while also respecting the planet, we’ve pulled together a guide to being as eco-friendly as possible if you are looking to spoil your Valentine this year.According to the Greeting Card Association, UK shoppers bought 18.7 million Valentine’s cards in 2016. That’s a lot of cardboard and plastic. So, it’s worth making sure we are disposing of them with a respectful thought for the environment.

One thing you can do to reduce your Valentine’s waste footprint is to keep hold of your card – preventing waste and maximising sentimentality. Alternatively, if you lack Valentine’s sentiment or are trying to live your best minimalist life, you can also recycle your card(s). Read more

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