March 20, 2019

Love Zone: 10 best sex positions for mind-blowing orgasms this weekend (1)

Love Zone: 10 best sex positions for mind-blowing orgasms this weekend (1)

Hey guys, did you know that women love men who know their ways around the bedroom and is able to give them that mind-blowing orgasms they always crave for?

Did you also know that it is not just about the ability to last longer in bed that makes you a stud but the ability to give your woman that screaming, toe-curling and back scratching orgasms that will keep you on her mind for months to come?

It is only logical that you learn a few tricks of the trade which will keep her coming back for more, right?

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Enough with the chit chat; let’s get on with the best sex positions for pleasure, orgasms, prolonged ejaculation and pornstar-style sex.

1: The Squat

The Squat is one of the best sex positions that are great for getting deeper into her vagina and you can both take turns trying this out.

She can either ride you and bounce or you can just pound her to satisfaction. You should try different speeds also to spice it up a bit.

How to do it:

Start by laying on your back and ask the girl to straddle you.

Tuck her feet behind the back of your thighs, so you have a good grip

Take your hands and place them on her hips.

Find the sweet spot where your pelvis meets her butt and pound her like a naughty girl.

2: Standing Up

You will have to have some decent upper arm strength to pull this position off for any good length of time, but when you do, it is quite awesome!

You’ll get very deep and the speed is all up to you, so she’s under your control. You can rest her back against the wall to get a little more purchase and also give your arms a rest.

How to do it:

Ask her to jump you whilst standing up and immediately wrap her legs around your waist and put her arms around your neck.

You then need to put your arms underneath her legs and place each hand on her butt cheeks.

Then ask her to take one hand and guide your penis into her vagina (because you will have your hands full). Then proceed to pound.

3: Spooning

We all like a good spooning, but forget the cuddling part for now because using spooning as a sex position is fantastic.

You won’t get very deep inside her, but you will be hitting her G-spot which will feel awesome for her.

How to do it:

You both should lay next to each other and choose a side to spoon.

Take her leg (the one that’s not on the bed) and bend it at the knee towards her.

Position her butt towards you and insert your penis, then go to the full length pumping in and out.

4: Slow Climb

This is a great position for hitting her G-spot and giving her an orgasm very quickly. The reason it’s called the slow climb is that the higher you move her but upwards, the deeper you will drill your penis and eventually give her an orgasm.

How to do it:

Tell her to lie on her back.

Kneel down as if you were assuming the missionary position.

Take her legs and lift them up so either foot is resting on both of your shoulders

Penetrate her vagina and slowly pick up speed. Grab a pillow and place it beneath the small of her back so the butt is pushed up and you’re now penetrating at an angle but directly hitting the good old G-spot.

The Crab Sex Position calls for a great deal of flexibility
The Crab Sex Position calls for a great deal of flexibility

5: Seated Scissors

This can be an awkward one, so make sure you both pretty flexible. If you are, then it’s going to feel amazing for both of you. It’s also a position that she has the most control over, so grinding on you will feel the best.

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How to do it:

Lay on your back and ask her to sit on top of you (facing away from you).

Get her to position herself so that she has one of your legs going through both of hers, straddling one leg almost.

Tell her to grind your cock.

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