Love Zone: 5 things women want in bed… And how to give it to them

Love Zone: 5 things women want in bed… And how to give it to them

When sex bad, chances are that women tend to blame men but never stop to think that they could indirectly contribute to the bad sex.
They do not bother to tell their partners what they want to be done to them in bed, believing that the man should be able to read all the signs, be a master in the game and give them all the pleasure they need.

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We have a list of the things women want you to do to them in bed but are afraid to let you know.
Here we go:
1. They want you to get aggressive in bed
You may not believe this but just about every woman wants their men to be more aggressive in bed. It is a fantasy most women dream about but would not want to tell their husbands/lovers for fear of being seen as loose or getting that kind of sex outside.
Some women love their men being a bit on the rough side but we are not saying that you should go back home tonight and turn your woman into a punching bag just so you can show her you are aggressive in bed.
But little-roughing things up while going at it, like going with harder, faster and furious thrusts will be more like it.
2. Be very vocal in bed
Most men are so quiet in bed that some women even wonder if they are there at all. For some women, if a man is vocal in bed, it is a great turn on. They want you to talk to them, talk dirty and tell her what you want her to do to you.

The nastier such talks are, the greater the chances of your woman being turned on and she will give you the best sex you can ever imagine.
3. Treat her like a prostitute
Yeah, treat your woman like a prostitute – in a positive way that is. These are some women’s fantasy and they would want you to treat them like you would treat a whore, do all those dirty things to her.
A married woman once wrote in and this was her main complaint about her husband:
“I am tired of making love with my husband. I am tired of being that precious lady on the bed. He treats me like a smug village girl but that is not what I want.
I want my husband to treat me like a harlot, ravish me like an animal and tell me to be quiet whenever I try to say anything.”

In the end, there are plenty of women who want to be, for lack of a better word, slutty in the bedroom.
They simply fear that if they behave in such a manner, their men will think less of them, and some are even afraid that their men will mistakenly begin treating them differently outside of the bedroom as well.
4. Longer, more oral sex
Whether it’s for you or her, women want a whole lot more of the mouth in the south. Many women are keen on going down on their men as well as you go down on her.
What they secretly want is the direction and that does not mean commanding instructions like “no, no left, now a little to the right, now go up, down, up, down, oh yeah,” but rather describing how and why you like it when she’s down there.
And noise, yes, make some noise; women secretly want to hear you making all kinds of pleasant noises that assure them that they’re doing a good job.
Believe it or not, your woman secretly wants you to get deep down in there with your mouth, use your fingers, and when necessary, penetrate her with your penis for a little while, and then get busy again with your mouth.

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5. Focus on her entirely
This may sound like less of a fantasy and more of a sex tip, but a lot of women want their men to focus on their entire bodies.

She wants you to lick and kiss everything from her ankles to the small of her back. She wants you to arouse the sensations that come from somewhere other than her.
Maybe spending a little time on her inner thigh or kissing her wrist is not such a bad idea. And by doing so, she will likely do it to you as well, and who knows, maybe penetration will take a backseat to the sensation.

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