March 25, 2019

Love Zone: How to know that she is faking orgasm

Love Zone: How to know that she is faking orgasm

There is nothing as frustrating as when your woman is faking her orgasm, making you think you are the bomb when it comes to sex, not knowing she is just stringing you along.
You would think you are doing great in bed, and she sounds like she agrees but you will be shocked if you realise that she is not just there but is doing it just so you can either feel great or get off her.
She is writhing and seem to love what you are doing; she is howling her head off, legs trembling and calling you all sorts of names when in truth, she is bored to hell and can’t wait for you to get it over with so she can be relieved.

However, keep in mind that your woman faking it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re terrible in bed. Some women fake it for all sorts of reasons such as being too tired, nervous, or simply realizing she’s not going to achieve orgasm, and she doesn’t want you to feel bad about your mad skills.

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So how can you tell if it’s a fake orgasm?
Here are some of the tell-tale signs that your woman is faking an orgasm.

1. She looks bored
A clear giveaway to your woman’s fake orgasm is this: if after minutes of monotonous bouncing on top of her, she suddenly ‘climaxes’ without any sign, my brother, she is faking it as fake can be.
If she looks bored after that or if she looks like she wants you to just hurry it up, that’s probably the case.

2. Trembling
Most guys mistake a woman trembling to her having the best time of her life in cloud 9. Women have mastered the art of the fake tremble and shaking while you are humping. However, if she’s usually on the tame or more vocal side during her orgasms, and one day you find her muscles trembling beneath or above you, she’s likely had a real one.

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3. Her moans
Most guys believe that a woman moaning shows they are doing something really great and will then thump their chests to say these are the kinds of stuff studs are made of.
But if your woman keeps repeating the same noises over and over again, just remember this, her saying she’s coming does not an orgasm make. Women are well-versed at faking it, with the noises, trembles and all.

4. Timing
No matter how much she tries to fool you into thinking she’s the queen of quick coming, she isn’t. Most women generally take an average of 20 minutes (including foreplay) to orgasm. If this number hasn’t gone by, or if you are in a position that isn’t stimulating her clit, odds are she’s feeding you lies, bro.

5. She pats you on the back when it’s over
A pat on the back, a condescending smile, an encouraging word. All of these things boil down to one emotion: pity. If she treats you like a puppy who didn’t get the last piece of steak on the table, or like a kid who lost his favorite ice cream, you’ve failed.
You were so far from the finish line that you’re getting the consolation prize—her sympathy.

6. Vaginal contractions
This is the real deal. The never-fail can’t-fool-you sign if she’s really faking it or not. When a woman comes to climax, the uterus contracts noticeably, clenching quickly against your fingers or your penis.
The operative word here is quick, as women now know how to do Kegels contractions, but those contractions are slower when done at will.
The real contractions come hard on your penis, clasping and unclasping in quick motions as if she is trying to draw you further into her. But you will know if she is playing the Kegel on you.

7. She is putting up an unnecessary show
Let’s be honest here. Genuine orgasms aren’t always sexy in the traditional sense of the word. People in the throes of ecstasy contort their faces into strange shapes, make awkward sounds, and pant loudly like dogs in heat.
But if your woman’s expressions and sighs seem measured and harmonized, rather than breathless and random, she’s probably just rolling out the show she knows you want to see.

8. She is silent afterward
If you’re grinning after you finish the business and seeing yourself as the king of the sheets, and she lies there quietly, lips pursed, you may have a problem. You may think she’s overcome with emotion, trying to play it cool, or tired because you rocked her world so hard.
But you’re wrong, my friend. She’s just afraid that if she opens her mouth, she’ll end up telling you that your signature jackhammer move gave her cramps.
After all, she’s a lady who knows that if you don’t have anything nice to say, you shouldn’t say anything at all.

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9. She is smiling at you awkwardly
When you finish and grin at her expectantly, rather than congratulating you on a job well done, she stares back for a second, seemingly confused by your excitement, guy, you have just been scammed, orgasmically speaking.
She may force a smile as she remembers her stellar performance from minutes before, but it’s only to maintain your delusions of grandeur. You’re under the impression that you’re the man right now, and she looks like she’s constipated rather than basking in her post-orgasm bliss, you should wonder why.

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10. She doesn’t look you in the eyes
You’re so proud of yourself when you finish, and so overcome with oxytocin (which scientists have dubbed the cuddle chemical), that you’re gushing about how great the sex was.
You want verbal confirmation of a job well done, or a high five, at the very least. If you peer into her eyes and say, ‘That was amazing’ and she actively avoids eye contact and mumbles something about it being ‘pretty good,’ just know that it’s not because she’s shy.

It’s because, in retrospect, she feels guilty for lying, but also knows it’s too late to go back. She’s conflicted, so she walks the line by acknowledging your efforts with a half-assed compliment while ducking from your soul-penetrating gaze.

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