Love Zone: This is why sex is very important in your marriage

Love Zone: This is why sex is very important in your marriage

Most women tend to think that once they are married and have children, sex is automatically thrown out of the marriage because they are irreplaceable.
These set of women erroneously believe that sex is all about procreation and nothing more and as such, they do not look at the importance of sex in their marriage, after all, they are now implanted in the home and nothing can move them.
But when their husbands begin to stray because the sex at home is bad, they will blame everything but themselves. In most cases, some men stray because they are either starved of sex by their wives or the sex is bad.

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Some people say sex is overrated, and others believe otherwise. But in reality, sex can really help you beyond just your bedroom.
Whether we like it or not, sex is very important in a marriage and there are great benefits a fulfilling sex life creates in a marriage.
So what are the benefits of sex to your husband and marriage?
1. Sex makes your husband feel loved and desired
A man who is sexually satisfied by his wife feels loved and desired and as such, puts in more effort to make his marriage work.
Satisfying him is a way of telling your husband that he is the most important thing in your life and this creates a feeling of total and absolute intimacy and bonding. If you make sex a priority in your marriage, your husband will feel honoured and will know that he is your number one priority.
Sex is a form of communication that speaks more forcefully, with less room for misinterpretation, than any other. The reason why this message is needed is that many men seem to live with a deep sense of loneliness that is quite foreign to women.
And making love is the purest salve for that loneliness.
Deep down, a man really does feel isolated, even with his wife. But in making love, there is one other person in this world that he can be completely vulnerable with and be totally accepted and non-judged. It is a solace that goes very deep into the heart of a man.
This is one reason why some men may make advances at times that seem the furthest from sexual.
2. Sex gives him confidence
Men are very conscious of their emotions and they need reassurances every now and then. In fact, your desire for him goes beyond making him feel wanted and loved.
Your desire is a bedrock form of support that gives him the power to face the rest of his daily life with a sense of confidence and well-being.
Every man understands that sex makes him feel good about himself. He is more confident and alive when his sex life is working.
Men feel better when they got more sex, and they are also physically better. What happens in the bedroom really does affect how they feel the next day at the office.

Sex is a release of the day-to-day pressures and seems to make everything else better.
3. Sex makes him feel restored
Having sex with a loved one is one of the best ways to get a good night’s sleep. But did you know that a good round of making out in bed can restore your man’s energy levels on days when he is feeling low?
Did you know that lovemaking is nature’s best medicine against depression? And did you know that men enjoy sex because it re-energizes them physically, and women enjoy having sex because it re-energizes them emotionally?
Did you know that all extremely intelligent or creative people have had extremely active banging lives?
Then you would know that you are also helping your man to be active and ready to move the mountain for you and the family.
4. Lack of sex can send him into depression
If your sexual desire gives your husband a sense of well-being and confidence, you can understand why an ongoing perception that you don’t desire him would translate into a nagging lack of confidence, withdrawal, and depression.
A man can’t just turn off the physical and emotional importance of sex, which is why its lack can be compared to the emotional pain you’d feel if your husband simply stopped talking to you.
If you deny your husband sex without any cogent reason, he feels deeply hurt. He will feel rejected, ineligible, insignificant, lonely, isolated, and abandoned as a result.
If you view sex as a purely physical need, it might indeed seem comparable to sleep. But once you realize that your man is actually saying, ‘this is essential to my feeling of being loved and desired by you, and is critical to counteract my stress, my fears, and my loneliness,’ well, that suddenly puts it in a different category.

5. Make sex a priority in your marriage
Are the many things that take your time and energy truly as important as having sex with your husband? Now would be a good time to re-evaluate priorities and put sex at the very top of it.

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If your husband is satisfied with your sex life, he will also make you his top priority.
Think about it; having great sex feels awesome and makes you and your husband feel all warm and fuzzy. And as a matter of fact, sex is pretty important in a relationship for a lot of other reasons too.

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