March 23, 2019

Love Zone: Top Excuses Women Give When They Don’t Want Sex

Love Zone: Top Excuses Women Give When They Don’t Want Sex

It is a known fact that men have a higher sex drive than women and most men will be up to sex at any time their manhoods gets a kick.
A man can ask for sex at any time and even at the worst moments; and instead of telling him outright that she is not in the mood and risk hurting his feelings, a woman will just have to come up with some of the darnedest excuses so as to stay out of sex-way.
Some of these excuses can range from the mundane to the lamest. In fact, some women can conjure up some funny excuses you would begin to wonder where they got them from.

A woman will come up with any excuse when she does not want sex
A woman will come up with any excuse when she does not want sex

If your woman keeps coming up with new and new excuses every night just not to have sex, something might be wrong with your relationship. Here are what women usually say and how you should react to those pretexts.

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Here is a compilation of the worst kind of excuses women give when they do not want to have sex.
1. ‘I have a headache’
This is about the oldest and most banal of excuses women give when they want to deny you sex. Having a headache is the oldest excuse in the book and is so popular and is a surprise they still use it even when they know that it sounds corny.
When she says that, your first natural reaction will be to get her some painkillers but even after taking them, the headache will still intensify. That is a clear sign that you will be thrown to the dogs that night.

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Perhaps, there is a clear reason for her ‘headaches’, for example, you have offended her or forgot to buy her that expensive dress for her birthday and to punish you, she has to invent that headache to tell you that you should stuff your throbbing snake under your pajamas.
However, if her ‘headaches’ become regular and intensify by the evening, look at your relationship in general or force her to see a doctor.
2. ‘I am not in the mood’
This is another classic excuse from women whenever they do not want to give you sex. And believe me, no matter what you do will put them in the ‘mood’ whenever they are not in it. Every woman has the capability to clamp up when they are not in the mood and even if you shed blood as tears, they will not snap out of the ‘moodlessness’.
3. ‘I’m too tired’
Sure, we hear you. We all could use a bit more sleep. We are all on 25-hours a day, eight days a week, with beeping devices, work, kids, and stress.
But one thing they fail to realize is that sex is a great stress-reliever and can help you get a sound sleep. A research carried out by has revealed that regular sex helps to improve your sleep.
Can you believe that? Yes, sex helps you sleep. Not only does sex help you to fall asleep easier, but for women, it also boosts our estrogen levels which will enhance sleep.

4. ‘My sex life is boring’
Many women feel bored at having the same old sex, year after year, with the same old person. No matter how much you love someone, routines can get stale. Switch it up! There is a wild and wonderful world of sexual exploration out there waiting for you to discover it.
If you always have sex at night in the dark, try daytime sex. Introduce a new sex routine like having sex in the bathroom, in the kitchen, on the balcony at night, just anything to take out the boredom.
At the very least, switch up your positions. If you try something and you don’t like it, that’s fine! Explore, explore, explore.
5. ‘I don’t just have the time’
We are all busier than ever. This is true. But we don’t miraculously have the time for anything. We have to make the time for the things that are important to us. Put your sex life on your to-do- list and see the difference it will have on your life.
Each session doesn’t have to be a 90-minute rager. Grab quickies in the kitchen while the stew is boiling. Add self-pleasure to your shower routine. Making time for your intimate life is an act of self-care.

6. ‘Am on my period’
This excuse can work even in the early stages of a relationship because all men know (or should know) that women get a monthly red flower visit. You don’t even have to actually have your period for this excuse to work.
Just the mention of the possibility of blood will turn most men off. But as the relationship gets older and the man knows your flow period, it becomes quite difficult to use this but then, it is still one of the silly excuses women give when they do not want to get in the sack with you.
7. ‘You are constantly demanding sex from me’
If your woman feels you are constantly demanding sex from her, then there could be two reasons for it: you either have an insatiable sexual desire or you’re the one who always initiates sex.
This one-sided enthusiasm makes your partner passive and capricious. For a change, hold your horses for a while and demonstrate your indifference to carnal pleasures. This way, you’ll encourage your woman to entice you. Challenge her.

8. ‘We always do it the same way’
Even if you’ve been together for a long time and have your intimate timetable, it’s useful to change it from time to time. You should know that women have an adventurous spirit too and they get bored staring at one and the same ceiling every night.

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9. ‘I simply don’t want to have sex’
This is the worst phrase ever. If a woman doesn’t want to bother herself finding at least some primitive excuse like having a headache, she has made up her mind as to your relationship. And it’s unlikely you could change it.
10. ‘Sex is not food’
This is the ultimate and the most stupid excuse women give when they do not want to have sex with you. At this stage, she has completely switched off sex and believes there are other things in front of her than thinking about sex.
When a woman comes up with this mundane excuse, bear it in mind that the end is quite near. It is either that she is done with sex with you and has found another man who tickles her fancy or that she does not find you sexually desirable any longer.

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