This week in Lagos- Lucia Edafioka

This week in Lagos- Lucia Edafioka

Greetings from Nigeria’s largest concrete jungle

How was your week? Never mind, let me just tell you how mine went, I am sure we had similar problems.

So, Ikeja Electric went on strike, and the striking workers shut down operations. Now, it’s not even like they were giving us light for anywhere near up to 6 hours a day, but at least we could pump our own water. Now … I am waiting for light bill this month. 

Then whispers of fuel scarcity started filtering in. It began like play-like play. Queues were springing up and by mid-week it was full-blown; our concrete jungle was under siege, no light, no fuel. The legendary Lagos traffic fed by the fuel queues grew more muscle and held Lagosians by the throat.

Transportation fares doubled, food got spoilt. The rain that fell over the weekend flooded our roads and drainage spilled over. Fuel attendants became rich. I heard about someone who had to pay N1,500 for them to sell in a gallon for him, or else bring your generator to the fuel station. My heart went out to owners of frozen food shops, may God comfort you. Mothers and Fathers who had to fan crying babies at night, the Lord is your strength.

Gen-Fuel.jpg (704×483)

But what is the point of groaning? We are Nigerians and more than that we are Lagosians. Nothing can beat our spirit so we laughed and made memes from the situation on twitter, while our Commander- in-Chief jetted around the globe, fighting ‘kwarupshun,’ and ordering probes and arrests.

Not even a word from him. A simple ‘sorry o, my fellow Nigerians we are working on it’ would have sufficed but did he say anything? Nah, Daddy Bubu went to Al Jazeera to say… never mind, I am not angry

In Lekki, a building collapsed. Death toll has hit 30 and we are still counting because one greedy person didn’t do his job.

Sigh, I am tired.

P.S if you know any one that doesn’t live in Nigeria, preferably in Europe/America and wants to marry a skinny, black girl, please contact me, quick, quick.

 Thank you

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