May 26, 2018

Oversabi don spoil Lagos – Lucia Edafioka

Oversabi  don spoil Lagos – Lucia Edafioka

I think we are all agreed that Lagosians are the most oversabi set of people in Nigeria, abi is anyone still contesting that fact?

Lagosians will give unsolicited opinion when they have no idea of the topic being discussed, they contribute to it, and also think life is about them alone. Twitter Nigeria is an example.

Last Sunday, I witnessed a very funny oversabi Lagos moment.  After Mass, I went to the vendors and I was going through the papers when this man, let’s call him Professor Tayo,  began to lament about the hippopotamus that was killed in Abuja, (it was on the front page of Punch).

Prof was lamenting: “Don’t we have wild life conservative people in this country? They will kill everything we have. We once had a thriving elephant population now they have all disappeared. Antelopes, everything we kill and eat.”

It was a sad monologue really, but folks won’t let others be. A man was standing by Prof, he looked at him like Prof was mad, let’s call him Obinna.

Obinna replied Prof: “why dem no go kill am chop? If that Hippo meet person, e go kill am. They should kill all these wild animals jare. Last month, one snake swallowed one goat for Ikorodu and we kill am chop, why we go preserve those kind wild animals?”

Prof took a deep breath and asked Obinna if he knew what the Ecosystem is. Obinna said “Eco get system? No be when you shout your voice go echo?”

Prof took another deep breath and in a very quiet voice began to explain to Obinna about the Ecosystem, the circle of life, why we all need each other. I really commend Obinna, he kept quiet all through Prof’s lecture and only interrupted to say “ehen? Ah? I been no know o? So without bees, we go die? I no go kill them again.”

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He listened with keen interest and asked Prof questions, they were having their conversation when this man, let’s call him Preye (he wore the Niger Delta type of shirt and hat) interrupted Prof by saying the Ecosystem is different from the Ecological system that Prof was explaining to Obinna.


So Prof paused and said, “ok, please educate us. What is the difference?”

My man Preye became angry o. “I did not come here to teach people! I have said what I want to say,” he said.

Obinna was mad to have had his lecture interrupted, he verbally attacked Preye.

“Olodo, e no know anything, rubbish man. I am sure you are a Chelsea fans,” (He actually said fans) and the others who were quiet before joined him to abuse Preye. Prof walked towards his car, got in and drove off.

As I was leaving, I heard Obinna telling some newcomers who were gushing about the same hippo, “You know say we no suppose to kill animals anyhow because of the eco system? He told them, And if bees die finish we all go die follow dem?

Ha, I laughed, there goes a proper Lagosian. He is now an authority on the subject.


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