Lucky Dube’s Daughter Escapes Death

Lucky Dube’s Daughter Escapes Death

The daughter of great South African Reggae musician Lucky Dube, known as Bongi almost died yesterday while performing on stage.  

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Lucky Dube‘s daughter Bongi nearly loses her life after a freak accident songstress Bongi Dube, who is the daughter of the late Lucky Dube is grateful to have escaped with her life after she got electrocuted during a performance in Durban.

It was reported that Bongi’s leg and left arm was seriously injured in the outrageous accident that could have caused her life.


“As I was about to sing on stage I unfortunately then stepped on one of the electric chords which was not properly wrapped. It felt like someone had hit me with a knopkierie, everything went blank afterwards,” she told the paper.

Bongi’s manager apparently called her husband, who is also a doctor to attend to her.

The songstress is said to be recovering but still finds it difficult to walk or drive.

While the physical injuries may be healing Bongi said the incident was incredibly traumatic and she wants to put it behind her.. Bongi shared pictures of her injuries on Instagram saying that she was “grateful to be able to move”.

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Her father, the legendary Lucky Dube released 22 musical albums before he was murdered in 2007 in Johannesburg.

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