Macron And Trump Relationship Begin To Collapse

Macron And Trump Relationship Begin To Collapse

On Monday evening, during their bilateral trade, US President Donald Trump was “ranting and venting on trade” to French President Emmanuel Macron. Trump lambasted the European Union for its trade policies, comparing it to China, and saying in fact the EU was worse.

A continued point of contention in trade negotiations between the two entities is Agriculture. Trump said the EU has to open up on this.

President of France, Emmanuel Macron, who was respectful to Trump in his delivery, pushed back a bit on the topic, while still finding a way to move the conversation forward. The camaraderie between the two presidents wasn’t as rich as it used to be.

Macron delivered a pointed rebuke to Trump the following day in his speech at the UN General Assembly, criticizing the administration for its policies on Iran, climate change, the UN, migration and Mideast peace. The French President said, “Nationalism always leads to defeat. If courage is lacking in the defense of fundamental principles, international order becomes fragile and this can lead as we have already seen twice, to global war. We saw that with our very own eyes.”

The French President has made no secret of his disagreements with the US President. The cracks are starting to show in their relationship.

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