September 26, 2018

Malawi teacher who single–handedly manages seven classes (NyasaTimes)

Malawi teacher who single–handedly manages seven classes (NyasaTimes)

The recommended teacher – pupil ratio is 1:60, however, this seems to be unrealistic on the basis that some teachers have no option but to manage more than 200 learners in a single class.

Mark Kamphira, 35, is a classic example of volunteer teacher at Chiguma Primary School in Blantyre. He is the headmaster and the only available teacher at the school which has over 315 learners with classes from Standard 1 – 7.

This development means, therefore, that Kamphira, apart from the imbalance teacher – pupil ratio which is already beyond the recommended minimum standard, has a huge task of managing all the seven classes alone, five days a week.

It is undisputable that Kamphira works beyond the dictates of hard work. His daily routine on how he juggles around the seven classes attest to the fact that he puts much effort to his work despite being unqualified. Read more

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