March 25, 2019

Mali Deepens Probe After Deadly Attack on Luxury Hotel

Mali Deepens Probe After Deadly Attack on Luxury Hotel

Mali said on Sunday that investigators were following “several leads” after 19 people were killed in an attack on a luxury hotel claimed by two jihadist groups. Islamist militants’ most deadly strike on the West African country in years ended on Friday when Malian commandos stormed the Radisson Blue hotel after an eight-hour siege and freed 170 hostages.

But two days after the attack, for which responsibility has been claimed by both Al Mourabitoun and al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQMI), little more has been revealed on the identity of the attackers. “Several leads are being followed. The hotel that was attacked is being combed through carefully,” according to a statement on state television.

A Malian intelligence agent said that a total of 13 foreigners were killed, including six Russians, three Chinese, two Belgians, an American and a Senegalese. Israeli media had earlier reported one dead, but the Malian source was not able to confirm the information. Read more

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