Man breaks into shop, pays for cigarettes

Man breaks into shop, pays for cigarettes

Las Cruces Police arrested a man suspected of breaking into a convenience store Sunday morning and leaving $6 for the pack of cigarettes he took.

Ellis C. Battista, 24, of the 800 block of east May Ave., is charged with one count of breaking and entering, a fourth-degree felony.

Detectives learned that at around 3:30 a.m. Sunday, Feb. 28, Battista and another man went to purchase a pack of cigarettes at Bradley’s convenience store at 1260 El Paseo Rd. The store normally operates 24 hours a day but, for some reason, the clerk was not on duty and the store was locked.

Store surveillance cameras and witnesses confirmed that Battista pounded on the store’s front door several times in an apparent attempt to gain the attention of the store clerk who, obviously, was not there. Detectives learned that Battista then kicked the door’s lower panel which broke. Read more

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