March 22, 2019

Man disgraces cheating wife after catching her with secret lover in Malawi (Video)

Man disgraces cheating wife after catching her with secret lover in Malawi (Video)

A cheating wife and her secret lover got what they were not expecting after her husband trailed them to their love hideout and gave them the disgrace of their lives.

According to Malawi News Alert, the incident happened in the Karonga District of Malawi.

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Reports from the Facebook page of Malawi News Alert, the man who was told of his wife’s adulterous lifestyle by his friends, decided to set a trap for her and on the day of the incident, had told the woman that he was going on a journey and would not be back for days.

Unknown to the woman, the husband had set a trap for her and as usual, she called her lover and sneaked out to meet him.

According to the report, the man hid close to their house and when he saw his wife sneaking out, he alerted some friends and they decided to trail her to see where she was headed.

And true to type, the young wife went straight to her lover’s house and while they were in the heat of sex, her husband and his friends burst into the house and caught them red handed in the act.

In anger, the husband and his friends decided to publicly disgrace the cheating woman and her lover by parading them in the streets of the city while a video of the incident was made by onlookers who later posted it on the social media.

The clip from the public disgrace is now making waves online with many people stating that the woman deserved what she got while have been condemning the man for daring to disgrace his own wife.

This is how Malawi News Alert captured the scene:


A wife belonging to one of the guys in Karonga District had an extramarital affair with another man.

She has been cheating her husband for a long time without him being suspicious. Luckily some friends to her husband tipped the husband what her wife was doing.

They told him where they often met. Initially, the cheating couple used to bonk at a friend’s house at Bakawho is in Forex business.

Yesterday the wife sneaked to do sex with the libidinous man; unfortunately, she was being followed.

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They waited for 5 minutes believing they be in action, the husband and friends banged in the complex and caught the two in the middle of the action.

The husband and his friends were the ones who caught them red-handed at the thick of the action.

The story happened yesterday Monday 11 February 2019 around 3:00 pm.

The video is showing the cheating wife and the boyfriend.’

Watch the video here:

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