Man gets broken bottle in the buttocks for cheating

Man gets broken bottle in the buttocks for cheating

A jealous woman went crazy yesterday when her lover Cletus Ezedinma , brought home another woman. The woman, Jumoke Akinyanju attacked her lover, and the woman he brought to his house at Tokunbo Street, in Lagos Island, Lagos.

According to Pulse, when the cheating duo arrived at Ezendinma’s house, Jumoke pounced on them, beating both her lover and the woman he brought home. And to teach him an unforgettable leson, she stabbed Ezendinma in the buttocks

One of the neighbours who witnessed the fight said: “It was not a small fight. Ezedinma tried to stop Jumoke from attacking the lady but to no avail. After she dealt the intruder some slaps, she managed to escape and that was when she turned on her boyfriend.

Jumoke held Ezedinma by the collar and began to punch his face. and when he attempted to run away from the room, she broke a bottle and stabbed him in the bottom. Jumoke is a very strong woman. She was assisting her lover with cash when he had no job. But now that he is working she never expected that the man would bring another woman home.

Jumoke complained that the man did not respect himself. She said she wanted to beat her rival and leave her with a mark but he stopped her.

But everybody around blamed her for stabbing her lover and also injuring him in the nose.

She also wept when she saw blood gushing out from his body. She knelt down before him, pleading. The man went to a nearby hospital for medical treatment and she attempted to accompany him but he refused.”

– Pulse

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