Man goes ‘deaf’ after eating peppered noodles

Man goes ‘deaf’ after eating peppered noodles

A YouTube star making a video about the world’s hottest noodle dish went temporarily deaf after trying the food. Ben Sumadiwiria, who runs the Awesome Eats channel, claimed the dish – known as mampus, or ‘death noodles’ – was the hottest available to buy commercially in the world.

The noodles used 100 Bird’s eye chillies and were sold in a back street restaurant in Jakarta, Indonesia. During the video featuring the tasting, Mr Sumadiwiria is seen taking off his jacket after taking several mouthfuls of the dish.

He is then has to leave his seat, sweating and dizzy, and consumed several ice cubes and cups of water. “It’s not helping,” he can be heard to say to the cameraman, adding: “It’s not stopping, dude!” Before soaking his head under a tap, Mr Sumadiwiria adds: “I can’t hear anything man, I’m f****** deaf. I’m deaf. I can’t hear s***, I can’t hear anything.” Read more

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