August 17, 2018

Man injects oil into chest to create breasts

Man injects oil into chest to create breasts


This is one of those headlines that gives one goosebumps.

Man dies after injecting food oil to create breasts for beauty contest


Allow that sink in for a minute.

Now continue.

What the headline does not say is that he got the idea to inject the food oil into his chest from his friends. Juan Manuel Sanchez, who also goes by the name ‘Bebo’, desperately wanted to be the beauty contest in Hunucma, Mexico. When the plan went belly up – he fell sick immediately after the injections – his panicked friends gave him Valium to reduce his pain but it knocked him unconscious.

Then the friends left Juan in the hope that he might sleep off the illness. At 5am the next day, they finally called an ambulance when it was clear that his situation had worsened.

He died in agony eight days later.

Doctors later said that his body had rejected the food oil and it had spread to his lungs and then his brain.

This just goes to show how the search for beauty can go horribly wrong.

Source: METRO


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