March 22, 2019

Married women have become players too

Married women have become players too



I don’t know where I have been living, or if it is in just 2019 (69 days) that I noticed that many married women these days have equally become players, when it used to be men by far who were the cheats in relationships.

And here I am talking about married women!

Anyway, if you are a married man, know that the chap your woman is most likely to cheat on you with is an ex!

As a man, I have no idea why any man would want to go back and have sex with an ex-wife, ex fiancée or ex GF.

This is what Ecclesiastes meant when he said it is like a dog going back to lick its vomit.

But many women feel safer with familiar folks, like their exes, as opposed to going out with strangers they meet in a bar.

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At least they will not end up naked in chains in a basement with a man who calls them ‘Mommy’.

Then there is the case of the Sponsor.


Bosses are another source of competition for the married man, especially if the wife out-earns him — and she so happens to admire her boss immensely.

I know of an embassy woman who semi-abandoned her family to officially accompany her boss on a posting in a country thousands of miles.

She would send lots of money monthly to the hubby for upkeep, pay the two boys fees in posh schools, and they would visit her thrice a year. But, meanwhile, she was having full diplomatic relationships with her superior.


Some women, even married ones, are attracted and flattered by flirtatious celebrities.

One of them, a celeb, told me how he is having a hot affair with a married lady manager from his gym, just because he jokingly flirted with her.

‘Next thing, after gym, we are doing dinners where she tells me what a douche bag her man, father of her kid, is.

Then we are doing gym over lunchtime, and she is spending too many afternoons at my place.

At first, it is fun …’ His voice trailed off, a trapped look in his eyes.

Some male friends are also dangerous with their buddy’s wives.

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