March 25, 2019

Master of the short story, Alice Munro, turns 85

Master of the short story, Alice Munro, turns 85

The acclaimed Canadian author of “Dear Life” turns 85 on July 10. Alice Munro was the first to win the Nobel Prize as a pure short story writer – and she did so by continually exploring the same simple themes.

“Dear Life” was the title Munro gave to her 2012 collection of short stories – possibly her last. Some of the stories are inspired by the author’s own life. If the other stories also explore the destinies of women, it never feels as if feminism were the main issue.

Alice Munro published 14 original short-story collections and several short-story compilations. With this body of work, she became the first Canadian to receive the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2013. She was too frail to travel to Stockholm to collect the award herself, but sent a touching speech by video instead.

Building on a simple story

Munro’s stories combine linguistic and emotional density. They typically revolve around a series of recurring themes. They’re about women in Canada, mothers and daughter, who grow up, fall in love, and experience the beautiful and tragic sides of life. Read more


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