September 20, 2018

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Matt Damon ‘sick’ over Weinstein allegations (CNN)

Matt Damon ‘sick’ over Weinstein allegations (CNN)

Matt Damon, a frequent collaborator of dethroned movie mogul Harvey Weinstein, has broken his silence on the allegations of sexual harassment and assault facing the man who gave him his break in Hollywood.

“We know this stuff goes on in the world. I did five or six movies with Harvey. I never saw this,” Damon told Deadline in an interview published Tuesday.

He added later in the interview: “This morning, I just feel absolutely sick to my stomach.”

Damon’s representative confirmed the interview’s accuracy to CNN.

Damon’s first film, Good Will Hunting, won him his first Oscar after Weinstein took a chance on a script from Damon and fellow unknown, Ben Affleck. Read more

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