March 25, 2019

MC Galaxy explains why he did not end nude live video with actress Etinosa Idemudia

MC Galaxy explains why he did not end nude  live video with actress Etinosa Idemudia

On a chilled Saturday morning, Nigerians woke up to the bewildering news that Nollywood actress, Etinosa Idemudia appeared unclad on MC Galaxy’s live video challenge.

The video sparked immense controversial and caused division among the loyal fans of the actress. Some perceived the act as immoral while others simply adored her courage to appear nude despite the conservative culture of Nigerians.

Last week, Nigerian singer, MC Galaxy announced that he would reward the dancers 50k if they appear nude on his Instagram live platform.


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The ideology was perceived as flimsy until several young ladies began to participate in the Instagram video challenge. Gradually, his challenge garnered rapid momentum especially among the female demography.


Nollywood actress, Toyin Abraham reacted to the heinous competition, but her scrutiny was to no avail. Her  colleague, Etinosa would unknowingly be the next culprit.


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On Friday night, March 15th, Etinosa’s live video session emerged on the internet. Unapologetic, she flaunted her physique before the camera and left thousands of Nigerians dazed and dumbfounded.

The deed is done and the unclad content of the video has been disseminated across all social media platforms. Numerous social media users, especially on Twitter called out singer, MC Galaxy who instigated the nude challenge in the first place.

MC Galaxy is unapologetic about the entire incident and he is unwilling to withdraw his challenge. The singer clarified himself during an interview, he mentioned that his conscience is innocent.

Read what the singer wrote;

My conscience knows I am innocent.

Anytime people call on video now, I ensure I tell them to please don’t go naked. I keep saying it on phone when I am doing my live video. When you call, I don’t expect you to go naked. Just do anything to have fun. If you want to market your brand, fine.

Sometimes, some people just call in to just go nut. I don’t ask anybody to call in naked and I will never ask anybody to call in naked.

Furthermore, he revealed why Etinosa decided to participate in the challenge. He wrote;

“‘It is not my fault. It has happened, it has happened. I am sure no girl will have the mind to do such again seeing what is happening now.

This doesn’t stop my Friday chat with my fans.

If you even check my comment, you will see that Etinosa commented that she was going to call and join some days ago Since the first one happened, she has been dropping message on my comment that my ladies are very pretty and that she was going to call in and join.”.

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