Meet Nigerian student who developed new diagnosis for retina disease (Nation)

Meet Nigerian student who developed new diagnosis for retina disease (Nation)

‘I felt my Nigeria achieved this’

When Bashir Dodo, a 29 year-old Nigerian Phd student at Brunel University, London stumbled upon a 2002 World Health Organization (WHO)’s report that said three out of the four major causes of blindness affect the retina and the least among them had 5million victims, he got motivated to find a quick solution. He was inspired to research on how to prevent eye disease through an early diagnosis of the retina layers.

Explaining the concept that helped him form the new idea, Dodo who was linked via email, said: “Manual segmentation is not only subjective, but time consuming and tiring. The idea of the new method comes from the concept of perceptual grouping introduced by a psychologist named Werthemier in 1923. He highlighted the principles of how people interpret the world around them. This forms the basis of the gestalt law of perceptual grouping in phycology. We take the view that computer is a tool that simplifies tasks, and is therefore used to simplify interpretation of images. Image segmentation is an image analysis technique focusing on how to identify or group features/region of interest on an image. And I therefore thought if computer is a tool, then better methods can be developed taking some information from the background of how it’s done manually. Read more

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