Meet the richest bricklayer in the world, worth $3b

Meet the richest bricklayer in the world, worth $3b

A bricklayer pulled over by police in a luxury car has more than £300m in the bank but is not “at liberty” to say how he got it, a court has heard. Phillip Johnathan Harrison told police in Brisbane, Australia, he was worth £6.3bn after he was stopped driving an Audi sports car and found with methamphetamine, Viagra and ecstasy.

Harrison’s lawyer Nick Hanly told Brisbane Magistrates’ Court he asked the 29-year-old how he had come by his huge wealth. The lawyer revealed: “He said he wasn’t at liberty to say. At this point I was considering getting mental health to come in.”

But, reported, Harrison showed Mr Hanly his online bank account which showed a cash balance of AU$596m (£316m) and a property portfolio of AU$1.56bn (£820m).

“I would not have believed it if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes,” Mr Hanly said. Such wealth would make Harrison as rich as a handful of Australian mining magnates and property kings. Read more


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