June 21, 2018

Meet Srebrenica’s bone hunter (Aljazeera)

Meet Srebrenica’s bone hunter (Aljazeera)

In July 1995, months before the end of the three-year Bosnian war and in violation of international law, the Serbian army marched into the United Nations’ supported enclave of Srebrenica.

Led by General Ratko Mladic, thousands of women and children either fled Srebrenica to neighbouring Potocari, or were forcibly evacuated by the Bosnian Serb army. The remaining men and boys of the then majority-Muslim town were systematically tortured and murdered in what would come to be known as the darkest hour for Europe since World War II.

Over 8,000 men, some only children, were executed in a span of days; an ethnic cleansing. Hundreds of bodies are estimated to still be lost in the land surrounding Srebrenica.

Ramiz Nukic is a survivor of the Srebrenica massacre. Although Nukic lost many friends, his father and two brothers in the genocide, he still feels a responsibility towards those who lost their lives and their surviving families. Read more

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