Meet the Ghost writer – Kunle Kasunmu

Meet the Ghost writer – Kunle Kasunmu

You have heard about ghosts and ghost workers, well have you heard about ghost writers?

Meet a ghost writer, Kunle Kasumu, presenter and co-producer of the Channels Book Club, who says his weekly TV programme is not a chore.

He read the Pacesetter series like any teenager growing up in any Nigerian city in the 80s, “but it was ‘hip’ to tell your friends that you read the famous foreign novels and books like the James Hardley Chase series, the Agatha Christie crime series, the Harold Robbins series, Mills and Boons (for the girls), the Famous Five series (for the younger teens)”, he confessed to LABAF.


Even so, Kasumu cast his reading net wider than his peers.

“I fell in love with chess so you would always find me reading classical chess books”, he recalls, over cappuccino and pastry at the Four Points by Sheraton Hotel on a recent afternoon.” I remember enjoying reading ‘Think Like a Grandmaster’ and ‘Play Like a Grandmaster’ like Alexander Kotov. My chess became a lot better after reading those two bestselling books”.

Kasumu started presenting the hugely popular TV programme in February 2013, 10 years after he first met John Momoh, founder and CEO of Channels Television, who challenged him to start the programme and offered him the platform.

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