March 22, 2019

Men only: How to keep your resolutions

Men only: How to keep your resolutions


A few days into the New Year, many of you were having that déjà vu feeling of having made New Year resolutions, many of which we might not have kept by December 31.

You may have watched the graduation ceremonies at the end of last year, and resolved that this year, you must further your education by joining evening classes in college, yes!

After all, if the President can get the time off his busy schedule, his duties as deputy president, politicking all week, ‘tanga tangaing’ all over the country, plotting in the evening against his many enemies, hosting all sorts of delegations (both in his Urban and Rural homes).

Getting millions to donate to churches every Sunday, and so on to get a whole PhD in plant ecology, how can you say ‘hauna time’ to get that Masters, or master a new language?


The other nine most common New Year resolutions are to lose weight, join the gym, quit smoking, manage debt, save some money, take a trip, switch jobs, make new circles of friends and reduce stress.

But it is YOUR New Year Resolution, or resolutions, that are the most important ones to you. And YOU must put a timeline on them.

If you do not, then they just end up being vague hopes and desires, and by Thursday, February 1, you will realise you have done none.


Stop Drinking for 100 Days

I had my last ‘hard’ drink on December 31, 2018, in the ‘spirit’ of the New Year, pardon the pun.

The way smokers want to quit puffing, many alcohol consumers wish to reduce their drinking. But saying you will quit ‘cold turkey’ is often a recipe for failure. So my resolution is to simply stick to beer or wine, for the next 100 days. January 1 to April 10 shouldn’t be too difficult to keep off the Russian ‘beverages’ to which we have become accustomed. Then come Easter, we can revisit our fiery relationship.


Side Hustle by September’s End

Green Day’s ‘Wake Me Up, When September Ends’ is one of the greatest songs you will ever hear. Check it out on YouTube.

With our ‘blue’ economy the way it is (they call it that, because it gives ye the blues), many already hardworking Men are scratching their heads, trying to figure out an extra income to survive.

There is that passion or idea you have harboured for years, but never quite come around to getting done. Straight from DL, the resolution is to dedicate time for the next four months to ‘The Biz.’

And have it up and on the run by 30th September, 2019.


Book Boy

There is that ‘thing’ for which one has a passion, and for this writer, that thing is writing.

It is time to challenge oneself more, and so my last resolution is to get to doing two books yearly.

Why not push our personal limits, challenge ourselves, and re-calibrate our mental ambitions?

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