Men with small penises should not be shamed – Abiodun Kuforiji Nkwocha

Men with small penises should not be shamed – Abiodun Kuforiji Nkwocha

Ok, let me back track a little bit.
Women are such bullies. Underneath all the demand for equality (which
is not a bad thing) are tyrants and bullies who just have not had an
opportunity to be in charge enough to display their traits. Broad generalizations much??
Ok, let me calm down.

Not all women.
Just like not all men are scum.
See, power exposes people. When people have the upper hand, the
likelihood that they will abuse power always exists. Power is the real
culprit and not gender.

This article is not going the direction I want it to go. Let me find my way back.

The other day on twitter, there was a tweet about a man who was heartbroken because he had caught his wife cheating.
What came next was astounding.
Women picked a tweet about someone that was down and decided to trample all over the person’s pain because he happened to be part of the male gender.
Dressing pettiness with sarcasm, they told this man all the things that women are told to force them to remain in bad marriages.
Go and fix your marriage, save your home….

Now as a separate conversation, this is very valid. But in response to personal pain it was simply awful. I don’t care if a million women have been told nonsense, there is no reason to repeat it to me. You are not making points, you simply made a boa out of a person’s pain and showing yourself with it.

If it is wrong to say it to a woman, it is wrong to say it to a man. Your ‘I
am oppressed’ ticket does not get you a gate pass.
So what has this got to do with small penises?
Firstly, I was just trying to say that women can be bullies. They will
shout ‘Don’t body shame me’ ‘I am more than my ass and vagina’ and so
many more.

And yet women will shame a man for something he has absolutely no
power over.
‘With your lipstick dick, you are talking when real men are talking…’
The essence of a man boils down to the size of the thing between his
legs. This here is crude and unfair.

I have 3 sons. When I gave birth to one of them, his penis was barely visible.
The first thing that struck me was fear.
I had never really thought about what life must be like for men when sexual prowess and dignity and right of space is a function of the size of their genitalia.
One of the nurses unwrapped my son’s diaper to weigh him and she
actually shouted “Wetin be dis? Jesus!”

The life of my son flashed before my eyes. One filled with pain, rejection and ridicule. Where he would struggle to explain to women how he was born. I have heard of many men who have been dumped by women because of their penis size. Women say they cannot compromise their sexual satisfaction (forget that we all know that clitoral
stimulation is sufficient and large objects cause more pain than

So, I was scared for my son. I even started praying about it. That he
would find a woman who will love him exactly the way he is and most
importantly that he would love himself the way he is.
This was till I realised why it was the way it was.
My son is bottom heavy.
He was born very chubby from the waist down. His buttocks, hips,
pubic area, thighs and calves are thick.
The penis was embedded in the pubic area and only looked small.
And because even babies have erections, I was very relieved to find
out that my son is proportionate.

But I learnt something.
Until a matter affects you, it is usually fun and games.
I do not laugh at digs on penis size.
I see democrats that are supposed to be woke and all make small penis
jokes referring to Trump and the size of his hands.
I think it is disgusting that a man should be made to feel less than a
man for an appendage he did not attach on himself.
Because there is so much shame attached to this, men rarely fight

In actual fact, men are thoroughly cowed they rarely speak about the
things that they face for fear of the ‘manhood’ being questioned (what
this manhood means is lost on me).
A Man is trained to bear the responsibility of his family. Men take care of rent, school fees, chop money and all the in-betweens to breaking point.
They try not to complain. Let a woman pay rent once and no one will
hear word. Some women that champion equality will still say that a man should do major things like rent and fees….
If a man decides to begin a campaign to reduce these responsibilities, you will hear the names he will be called. His ‘manhood’ will be

So what am I saying?
Some men may have below average penises. They are still men. They are
worthy of respect and space as uncle Mandingo. Besides, a large
penis does not mean you are bestowed with sense or even ability to use
it and the size of a penis is not needed as a job qualification unless you
want to work in porn.
Rock what you have men, explore and learn about pleasure. Your size
will not restrict you from enjoying intimacy. Do not let any silly girl
shame you.
You are more than a penis.

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