March 23, 2019

Men suffer from pregnacies more than women – Niran Adedokun

Men suffer from pregnacies more than women – Niran Adedokun

So women think they carry all the burden of pregnancy? Seriously?  From where I stand, nothing could be more fallacious. Okay, We cannot take anything away from how much pregnancy changes the life of a woman but to make it look like men are on some vacation when their wives are under a state is totally hyperbolic.

The truth is that everything that the woman goes through has a proportional effect on the man with whom she lives and I think the earlier women accept this the better for us all.


Someone asked me if a man’s body also goes through any of the physical changes that the woman’s body does when she gets pregnant. Does he suffer anything  at all? And my answer is yes. I do not see how the physical discomfort that she feels compares to the psychological torture that the man goes through as that hot babe that he took to the altar some months back begins to transform from lepa to orobo over those nine months. How does a man feel when he wakes up in the morning and the cheeks of his wife are swollen more than it was last night, when blisters cover her lips and she drags herself behind him like some articulated vehicle with lose centre bolts?

And who do you think is at the receiving end of all those tantrums and mood swings that are very easily attributed to hormonal changes? True, sometimes the pregnant woman finds sleep very difficult, she rolls around her bed wondering why she allowed this to happen to her. But please, who does she rouse from sleep at these odd moments? Does she allow the man who is seen as the root of this problem,  a blissful night? No way.

As vindictive as they come, she would wake him up and let him be part of the sleeplessness. When the back and side pains beckon, she quickly summons oga to massage this and massage that. There is no free lunch in the dictionary of the pregnant woman, since you are so happy at the hope of being called a father, you must earn it and earn it now.

When it is going to be finally over in the delivery room, the man is in a roller coaster of emotions.  It could be joy, anxiety, fear, prayer and so on depending on what the wife graciously allows.

I have heard about women who will shout and rain curses on their husbands in the middle of labour. Some would even slap their men just so that he has a memento, something to remember the occasion by.

Some women will just ask you to pray and insist that you must be there with them, after all, no be only dem waka come. So does all the bragado about women bearing it all alone come from?

Ladies please get over yourselves and give your men the credit that they deserve. Biko.


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