Men used to miss their steps looking at me during parade (Nation)

Men used to miss their steps looking at me during parade (Nation)

Congratulations on your recent elevation. Can you enlighten us about your new designation?

I was the Police Public Relation Officer Lagos State, but I have been elevated to be the zonal PRO. That is, the jurisdiction covering Lagos and Ogun states. That is my present position. The police public relations office is at levels; we have the state command, the zonal command, and then The Force PRO. That is a bigger assignment, how do you shuttle between the two states? Its a duty and it is do-able. Today I am in Lagos, tomorrow I will be in Ogun State. I have been juggling daily work between the two states. For me, it is not a burden because I have always had passion for police work. Presently I am on higher ground and I am enjoying it, even though it is a tough work. I still enjoy it because of the passion. I see my duties as responsibilities and not necessarily as a task or major challenge. I see it all as an added assignment and I have been having a good run, thanks to my AIG and my other bosses who have been supportive. Which has the bigger challenge for you in terms of police work, is it Lagos or Ogun State? Well, as a PRO at the command level, you have much on your hand to battle with because, you have no one else to push it to. But when you get to the Zonal Police Command where I am, you take responsibility. Read more

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