Is your mind ready for a date? (Huffingtonpost)

Is your mind ready for a date? (Huffingtonpost)

Dating and looking for love can be tough. Often our focus is on the date itself and how the date will be. But what if there were ways we could get ourselves date ready that would support us in putting our best self forward? This article is about getting you in the right mindset to be open for love and whatever the date itself brings.

 Here are pre-date rituals to get you in the right mindset.

Know who you are at your core.

Often our predisposition is to turn outwards to find love, but I wonder what looking for love would be like if we spent time on getting to know and love ourselves first?

 When I was dating I looked externally for validation of who I was and whether I was worth dating. But I started realising that my own relationship with myself needed work and how I approached the date had a huge impact on my experience. Knowing what’s important to you, what you want from a relationship, what beliefs and internal stories you have around finding love can really help to build confidence and know what you want before a date. Read more

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