Imagine, one day away and I was missing Lagos – Lucia Edafioka

Imagine, one day away and I was missing Lagos – Lucia Edafioka

Remember when I said Lagos was controlled by the spirit of impatience?

People are always in a hurry because there is plenty money to be made whether legally or illegally. We make jokes out of this characteristic of Lagos, Lagos too rush, but have we ever considered the good aspect of this? Yes, I have found something good about it.

So I was dragged out of the city again. And there was some relief, at first, when I got to my destination, somewhere in eastern Nigeria. Traffic was totally non-existent and everyone was taking things jejely. No one was hanging out of a bus screaming and there was enough space on the road for me to spread my hands out without touching another person. I could listen to music as I walked on the street without worrying someone would collect my phone and leave me with just the earpiece. The Devil wasn’t chasing anyone on the road. The one that left a smile on my face; the danfo buses had padded seats. I thought, Lagosians should come and see o

But a few days hours later this slow pace began to annoy me. I was up before 5am and it was like I woke up by midnight. Offices/businesses were not open by 10am. I understand this is standard civil servant policy, but for a personal business? Come and try it in Lagos, you will go back to your village with your belongings in a pillow case.

I found myself starting my sentences with ‘in Lagos,’ but I forced myself to swallow it. I did not want to believe that I was missing Lagos.

I was in a cyber café, just by the university campus and young people could not use a computer, not serious techy things o, just basic usage. How? Then I tried to explain what I do and got hit with ‘what is online media?’ I heard so many people in their twenties say they want bank jobs, or government work to assure them of pensions. More people want government jobs because less work, good pay, pension and they can also run a side gig. I wanted to laugh; and say go to Lagos and see what young people are doing, government job ko security ni. E go shock you.

I read somewhere during the week, that if Nigeria is a body, Lagos is its heart beat. I totally agree (maybe Ambode should change the slogan of Lagos to heartbeat of the nation, suitable eh?).

When I was done with what took me away, I didn’t stay one extra day. I packed my bags very early the next morning and left. I would have left that same evening if Lagos wasn’t 10 hours away.

As much as I like yab Lagos ehn, I love this place o.

Eko o ni baje!

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