Mitt Romney is running for Senate as a friend and foe of Donald Trump (CNN)

Mitt Romney is running for Senate as a friend and foe of Donald Trump (CNN)

On the Senate campaign trail, a Utah voter tries to give Mitt Romney a handful of re-elect Donald Trump buttons.

“You can give them to me. I’m not going to put them on because I haven’t decided who I’ll support yet. It’s a little early,” he says with a thank you and a chuckle.
Take the Trump button but don’t put it on — a simple moment that sums up a complex situation for the former Republican presidential nominee.
Romney, who harshly criticized Trump as a candidate but has since offered targeted praise of some of the President’s policies, is now on the path to the US Senate, with a primary on Tuesday he is expected to clear and a general election he’s heavily favored to win.

Once there, he will have to navigate the unique complexities of Trump’s Washington as someone who shifts between being a booster of the President and one of his biggest Republican critics.
Romney is asked so often by Utah voters how he will handle this dynamic, he decided to write an op-ed Sunday in attempt to synthesize his nuanced position. Read more

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