How money influences your search for a partner

How money influences your search for a partner

Like it or not, money has a say in whether people get into or stay in romantic relationships. But it’s surprisingly hard to know for sure just how much the almighty dollar can influence your decisions about whether to swipe right on Tinder, or even to step out of a committed relationship.

Now, a new study shows that having more money, or even just thinking that you do, could influence your dating life.

In the study, researchers looked at whether people who were coached to feel as though they had more money would change their mating strategies (even though the actual amount of money these people had did not change). For example, the researchers tested whether people who felt like they had more money would be less satisfied with their current partners, or whether they would behave more openly toward an attractive stranger.

The study included about 180 Chinese college students who were involved in monogamous, heterosexual relationships. In two experiments, the researchers tried to suggest to some participants that they had more money, and to others that they had less money than they actually did. The researchers did this by having the participants fill in the blanks in essays that painted a richer or poor picture of their lives, or by having them respond to questions that were designed to make them feel relatively rich or poor. Read more 

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