March 25, 2019

Mozambique to expand gas pipeline to SA

Mozambique to expand gas pipeline to SA

The Republic of Mozambique Pipeline Investments Company (Rompco), a joint venture between Sasol, Companhia Mocambiçana de Gasoduto and South African Gas Development Company (iGas), plans to expand the 865km gas pipeline that transports gas from Mozambique to South Africa.

The US$210m expansion entails the installation of a pipeline parallel to the existing one from scraper station 1 (STS1), which is about 128km from the Central Processing Facility (CPF) at Temane, Mozambique, over a length of 127km where it connects back into the main pipeline at scraper station 2, Sasol said in a statement on Monday afternoon.

The expansion project will increase Rompco’s gas transmission capacity. Planned to come into operation early in 2017, it will initially transport gas to South Africa, but will be able to serve additional markets in Mozambique and South Africa, as gas becomes available, Sasol said. Read more

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